Witness recalls seeing girls leave Epstein’s mansion with hundred dollar bills

Shawn’s account of that first trip has largely matched up with the version provided by ‘Carolyn’ – the third accuser of Ghislaine Maxwell to take the stand. 

Shawn said he drove Carolyn to Epstein’s home every two weeks, and that Carolyn would leave with hundred dollar bills.

They would use the cash to buy drugs, Shawn said, echoing his former girlfriend’s statement on the stand on Tuesday.

When a prosecutor asked him why Carolyn did not drive herself, Shawn replied, “She was too young.”

Shawn also recalled that Carolyn once received a package of lingerie from a New York address around the time she was meeting with Epstein.

He said he also drove two other girls he was dating at the time, Amanda and Melissa, to Epstein’s home.

Shawn said he never met Maxwell. He recalled Carolyn telling him about a woman named “Maxwell” whose first name she could not pronounce.

He said he sometimes received calls from Epstein employees seeking to schedule a massage appointment for Epstein with Carolyn, including from someone with an English accent who did not give their name.

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