Who’s backing whom in the Conservative leadership race?

Why she is running?

Ms Truss is marketing herself as a Thatcherite who promises tax cuts, foreign policy experience, and a track record of delivery.

Significant figures publicly supporting Truss:

Tom Tugendhat

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee’s endorsement is important as he is popular among Conservative Party members and a senior figure in the One Nation group of centrist Tory MPs.

Ben Wallace

The Defence Secretary said he was backing Ms Truss “not because she’s a slick salesperson, but because she’s authentic” and he also flagged Ms Truss’s pledge to increase defence spending to three per cent of Britain’s GDP by the end of the decade.

Jacob Rees-Mogg 

The Brexit Opportunities minister backed Ms Truss, saying she is a “strong Brexiteer” and a “proper Eurosceptic” who had always supported him in Cabinet.

Nadine Dorries 

Enlisting the support of the Culture Secretary and staunch Boris Johnson loyalist cemented Ms Truss’s place as the “Boris continuity” candidate.

Kwasi Kwarteng

The Business Secretary was yet another Cabinet heavy-weight to back Ms Truss and was charged with the duty of introducing her at her official launch, where he called her a “true blue, tax-cutting Conservative”.

Iain Duncan-Smith 

The former Tory Party leader remains an influential figure as he heads up the ‘One Nation’ caucus of MPs which represents the more moderate wing of the party.

Suella Braverman 

Just hours after the Attorney General was knocked out of the leadership race, she pledged her support for Ms Truss and encouraged at least some of her followers to go with her, notably Steve Baker MP.

Simon Clarke 

Securing the backing of the chief secretary of the Treasury – who had worked under Mr Sunak – was a helpful endorsement to Ms Truss’s economic vision

Odds: 1/10

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