Travel news latest: Fury grows within travel industry after U-turn on pre-departure tests

A scientist specialising in emerging infectious diseases has said that travel restrictions will not stop the omicron variant from spreading.

Professor Paul Hunter, from the school of medicine at the University of East Anglia,  told BBC Breakfast that increased travel rules will have a “very minor impact” on the virus growth. 

“I think everything that we do has some benefit but I think the travel restrictions at this stage will have a very minor impact on how we we are likely to see things develop over the coming weeks,” he said.

Professor Hunter also highlighted that travel bans could have an adverse impact on controlling the pandemic.

“One of the problems with travel restrictions like this is that it then demotivates other countries to actually be open about their own situations for fear of what they would see as economic sanctions.

“So I think once the infection is spreading within a country, then border restrictions don’t really add anything. We’ve known that long before Covid. This has been knowledge that we’ve had for decades, if not centuries, to be honest.”

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