Rebekah leaves courtroom as Coleen misses final day

While days one to five saw a heated clash between two footballers’ wives, day six of the libel case saw the battle of the husbands.

Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy gripped his wife’s hand as he accompanied her to court for the first time on Tuesday. As Mr Vardy made eye contact with Wayne Rooney in the courtroom, the two men appeared to exchange a curt nod – but any politeness behind this gesture was short-lived.

As the evidence turned to the team’s Euro 2016 performance, Mr Rooney – giving evidence for the first time – told the court that he had been tasked by the England manager with the “awkward” job of telling Mr Vardy that his wife, Rebekah, was causing “problems and distractions” for the England team by her appearance in the tabloids.

Mr Vardy’s representatives later issued a statement which claimed no such conversation had taken place. It read: “Wayne is talking nonsense.”

He said that  Mrs Vardy was “on FaceTime a lot” to Mr Vardy during the tournament. “She was almost there with the team,” he said.

Taking questions from Mrs Rooney’s lawyer David Sherborne, Mr Rooney said that his wife has become “a different mother, a different wife” over the last two and a half years, and that the libel case has “been really traumatic” for her.

Mr Rooney also said that he was “surprised” to see his wife’s viral “Wagatha Christie” post, and that he did not know about her so-called “sting operation”.

He also claimed to have known almost no details about the case until he turned up in court last week.

“I didn’t want to get involved. My wife is an independent woman who does her own thing. I help my wife with our four children. Social media is the least of my worries,” Mr Rooney said.

The court also heard evidence from Mr Rooney’s cousin, his agent Paul Stretford, as well as other witnesses.

Around 3:40pm, Mrs Vardy and her husband slipped out of court and didn’t return after a short break in the afternoon proceedings, with a member of her legal team saying that Mrs Vardy “wasn’t feeling very well”.

The Rooneys were seen smiling again as they left the court, their lawyer following behind them.

Mr Tomlinson QC also appeared relaxed and confident as he left the court, despite being surrounded by a herd of waiting paparazzi.

See Tuesday’s live blog for our full report on Tuesday’s proceedings.

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