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BERLIN — The German parliament on Wednesday elected Social Democrat Olaf Scholz as the country’s ninth postwar chancellor.

Scholz takes office at the head of a coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats, heralding a new political era after 16 years of conservative-led rule under Angela Merkel.

A total of 395 MPs in the Bundestag voted for Scholz, 63, a former mayor of Hamburg who served as finance minister in the outgoing government. Scholz needed a minimum of 369 votes — an absolute majority of all Bundestag seats — to be elected.

In accordance with the German constitution, Scholz will be officially named chancellor by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. He is expected to take his oath of office in the Bundestag at noon.

Follow the handover to the new German government via POLITICO’s live blog.

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