Moon mission under threat as new problems arise 

  • Lift off from Kennedy Space Centre between 1.33pm and 3.33pm BST  

The Artemis test-flight to the Moon was thought to be back on track after a suspect hydrogen leak was fixed, but new problems could set the mission back. 

Engineers think they have discovered a possible crack in a flange on the core stage’s intertank area. This is potentially very serious as it could indicate a defect in the thermal protection system. 

On top of that, engine number three is still too warm for launch. 

Earlier on, an issue regarding the fuel of the rocket had been fixed, although, it was noted at the time that changes in weather could still affect the time of launch. 

At the time, Derrol Nail, of Nasa Communications, said: “We are looking good so far.” However, it is not yet clear whether these latest issues could scupper the launch. 

Follow the latest updates below. 

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