Lovely day in Ghana, BBC weather app tells confused UK users

The BBC is working with Apple to fix a bug in its weather app which appears to give users the forecast from locations based in Ghana, it has emerged.

The bug, which affects iOS users, shows locations in Ghana such as Axim or Takoradi, instead of users’ real locations, leading to the corporation being inundated with messages from aggrieved consumers on social media.

Frustrated users in Britain have commented that the app seems to taunt them with news of the sunny temperatures in Ghana as opposed to the UK.

One user commented: “I am in Clifton, Nottingham and the BBC weather app gives me the weather for Takoradi, the weather looks nice there.”

Others have posted with fears that their phones have been hacked given the location on display.

‘It has given me a laugh’

However, others have found the funny side of the glitch. Peter Bernard said that being in Takoradi “would be amazing, but I’m actually in the middle of the UK. It has given me a laugh though”.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: “We’re aware of a bug in the iOS version of the BBC Weather app whereby several locations in Ghana, such as Axim or Takoradi, are displayed instead of your current location.

“We’re working with Apple to fix this problem. Until we’re able to resolve this issue, tapping on ‘refresh’ should allow the app to pick up your actual location.”

A BBC FAQ page updated last month notes that the accuracy of location information is “heavily dependent” on an individual device, its settings and how it is connected to the internet.

Phones could be using mobile network towers, the WiFi connection or GPS to determine location and if any of these are disabled, the accuracy of location could be impacted.

The BBC also advises that, “if the location displayed in the app is incorrect, check other apps on your device, e.g. iOS Maps or Google Maps, to identify where your device thinks you are located.”

The bug appears to be a longstanding issue, with users posting complaints about the matter on social media from 2013 to the present day.

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