Kantipur Conclave kicks off

The third edition of Kantipur Conclave kicked off on Saturday. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba inaugurated the function which was suspended in 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Themed ‘Beyond Expectations, Beyond Boundaries’, the two-day event will bring renowned personalities in various sectors together to discuss a range of national and international issues.

While addressing the function, Deuba has said that the world today faces unprecedented challenges—geopolitical tensions, rising inequalities, economic distress and climate crisis among others continue to pose a threat to global peace and prosperity.

The conclave will have nine sessions: five on the first day and four on the second—in English (on the first day) and Nepali (second).

Inaugurating the event, Chairman and Managing Director of Kantipur Media Group Kailash Sirohiya said that climate change has emerged as a menace before the world and the implementation of collective commitment through the ‘Glasgow Climate Pact’ has been weak.

“Humanity cannot run away from the multidimensional crisis that has resulted from the pandemic, war and the climate crisis,” said Sirohiya, “There is a collective challenge before us to move ahead by tackling these urgent issues. Some of these vital issues will also surely be raised in the many sessions of this conclave.”

In his opening remarks, Sirohiya said that he believes that this program will help connect Nepal and Nepalis with the rest of the world and engage in deep discussions on issues of current and future interests.

Similarly, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba also gave his opening remarks in the inaugural session of the conclave. 

During his remarks, Deuba pointed out that KantipurMedia Group is a steadfast supporter of the democratic values and astaunch defender of people’s rights to know and a fearless critic of the Government.

Stating that the Covid-19 pandemic had further exposed thestructural vulnerabilities of all countries, Deuba said that the world today faces unprecedented challenges. Geopolitical tensions, rising inequalities, economic distress, and climate crisis, among others, continue to pose threats to global peace and prosperity.

“Our topmost priority is to ensure a resilient recovery from the pandemic. This means accelerated action in economic recovery, expansion of social protection system, and investment in people,” said Deuba.

PM Deuba also stated that thesurge in demand of consumer goods, increased inflation, and pressure on foreignexchange reserves were some formidable challenges for Nepal adding that the government have been able to tackle these problems with sensible monetary and fiscalpolicies.

The prime minister is his address also pointed out that Nepalis have been bearing the disproportionatebrunt of climate change, with increased frequency of landslides, floods andwildfires.

“Climate change is a global problem. And, itsequation is simple. If we want to address climate crisis, we need to go to its source.The commitment to climate financing must be fulfilled for adaptation andmitigation,” said Deuba.

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