Dominic Raab asks BBC presenter the price of petrol to check ‘how in touch you are’

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has asked a BBC presenter how much a litre of unleaded petrol costs, adding: “I’m just checking how in touch you are”.

The moment came after BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt asked the deputy prime minister how much a litre of diesel costs.

Mr Raab said that he buys unleaded, and the last time he visited a petrol station it was 1.65-1.67 per litre.

However, Mr Stayt said that it had “gone up” recently, adding: “What’s happening in the real world is that people try and deal with things and those pump prices, as you pass them, they go up by the day.”

Mr Raab then asked Mr Stayt: “Well you tell me, what’s a litre of unleaded today?”

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