Bangladeshi artworks exhibit in Nepal

This year’s April marked 50 years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Bangladesh. As part of the milestone’s extended celebration, the Embassy of Bangladesh, Nepal, in collaboration with Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babermahal, has organised an art exhibition titled ‘Spirit of Friendship’. The exhibition opened its doors on Friday and will continue until September 12.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Ganga Prasad Uprety, Chancellor of Nepal Academy. The exhibition features artworks of 10 young artists from Bangladesh (Azmeer Hossain, Jayatu Chakma, Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Lumbiny Dewan, Mong Mong Sho, Munna Bong, Nomosta Rema, Pingcu Tripura, Sourav Choudhury, and Sudhip Chakma) and is curated by renowned Bangladeshi artist Ms Kanak Chapa Chakma. The artworks highlight contemporary and multi-dimensional and give the local audience a glimpse into Bangladesh and its cultural heritage. 

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