Adam Peaty and marathon runners compete on day two in Birmingham

After finishing seventh with that puncture, David Weir has spoken on the live coverage at the roadside in Birmingham:

“I feel like I just don’t have enough luck in major championships since Rio. The last ten weeks of training have been the best in years.

“I was debating bringing a spare (tyre). I’ve never brought a spare ever in my life and I thought if I brought a spare then I’m going to jinx myself. I should’ve gone with my gut but I jinxed myself. I’ll know for next time.”

“It’s just a bit annoying because since May the training has been through the roof,  I felt ten years younger. It’s just annoying to be honest.”

“If I didn’t have my mates running beside me in the last four kilometers I probably wouldn’t have finished. But from where I’m from, a council estate, you just don’t give up on anything. Especially when I saw my mates running beside me, it was emotional.”

On gold medal winning Johnboy Smith:

“He’s a good lad and it’s nice to see that England got a medal but I’m more proud of Eden. She’s a young athlete from the academy and she’ only 21 so to get her first medal at a major championships, I’m more proud of her today.”

I’ll say it again – what a champion

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