18 Best Laptop Backpacks: Weather-Proof, Sustainable, Stylish

We’ve tried tons of backpacks. The ones listed here are all good choices that we think you’ll be happy with depending on your need and budget.

Aer Designs Slim Pack for $115: We like this bag for quick trips where you don’t need to carry everything you normally keep at your desk. It’s just 8.5 liters—that’s less than half of some of our picks—but it still fits a laptop and charger, wallet, water bottle, phone, plus a snack, a mask, and hand sanitizer. Its durable polyurethane coating can be easily wiped clean.

STM Goods Myth 18L Backpack for $120: Reviews editor Julian Chokkattu found that, despite the Myth’s compact 18-liter size, he could easily fit a 16-inch MacBook Pro and accessories inside. The laptop is suspended to not get damaged in an accidental drop, and the thick padding helps it sit comfortably on your back. There’s a handy loop you can use to hang earbuds or cables and a microfiber-lined top pocket for fragile stuff, but no side pockets for a water bottle or umbrella.

Targus 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack for $120: Julian was a fan of this bag too, which is intended for folks who frequently switch between working from home and working at the office. Two pouches on the front attach via a looped Velcro strap, so you can easily remove them if you want to pack light. The primary touchpoints on the backpack near the zippers have an antimicrobial protective finish, which Targus says will prevent the growth of microorganisms. Don’t expect this to do much, but it might give you some peace of mind.

Incase Icon Backpack with Woolenex for $200: Incase has lots of backpack options, but Adrienne likes the low profile and durable weave of the Icon series with Woolenex (Incase’s proprietary wool-polyester fabric blend). It’s abrasion-resistant and repels moisture but looks much more polished and feels more fabric-like than nylon.

Mission Workshop Rhake for $380: This roll-top bag has a ton of pockets and its two-layer weatherproof construction and Velcro closures keep the contents of the main compartment dry. It’s not particularly fast or easy to access many of these pockets, it’s really heavy, and while it looks cool, the price is quite steep.

Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack for $145: Dagne Dover bags are attractive and fit everything, with a loop to attach to luggage. Neoprene may be water-resistant and vegan, but it’s not environmentally friendly. The company says it is working toward being more eco-conscious. We didn’t try the Vida Tote ($145), but it holds a 13-inch laptop and is made of organic cotton if you want to try a different material.

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